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No yearly GTA or Red Dead offerings

by on03 December 2010

Rockstar to focus on quality for better sales
Don’t look for developer Rockstar to be forced to have to produce yearly Grand Theft Auto or Read Dead Redemption offerings. Instead, Take-Two chairmen Strauss Zelnick says that they will continue to focus on quality offerings to prevent burning their customers out on these big franchises.

The decision comes as many companies are struggling with the sales of yearly franchise offerings which are starting to be rejected by consumers, and publishers are starting to feel it when they total the sales numbers.

A number of titles have suffered after becoming yearly offerings, and even sports titles that didn’t seem to be affected by yearly updated offerings also seem to be feeling pinched. While publishers believe that there a number of reasons, it seems that burnout on a franchise as well as cost are two of the biggest factors contributing to the slower and reduced sales of yearly title offerings.

Last modified on 03 December 2010
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