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uDraw selling better than expected

by on03 December 2010

THQ might beat sales forecast for it
Those that snickered when THQ announced that they were releasing a drawing tablet and software package for the Wii are going to be surprised to learn that it is selling better than expected. Known as uDraw, the tablet peripheral for the Wii could actually come in ahead of the sales forecast that THQ initially announced for the product. (THQ has not yet announced how many units of uDraw they have been able to sell so far.)

In the past, several other console manufacturers have attempted to offer similar tablet drawing products, but not with very encouraging sales results. This time around, however, THQ could have found the magic formula to getting this drawing tablet and software offering into the mainstream.

THQ is said to be so excited by the early performance numbers for uDraw that they have increased production from 1 million to 1.3 million units when retailers reported significant sales of the product. While it isn’t exactly clear what THQ might be able to do with the uDraw franchise in the future, the acceptance of the tablet peripheral could open up a variety of options for future software offerings for the device.

An analyst we spoke with told us, “The sales of the uDraw tablet are significant and maybe not unexpected, given the fact that the DS series of handhelds has been using the stylus for interaction since its introduction; so it is not a stretch to think that Wii owners might find uDraw and its tablet peripheral attractive.”

Given the strong start for uDraw, sources tell us that if THQ is able to maintain momentum they could have opened an entirely new niche in the Wii market space that will allow for the creation of a lot of software and interaction that isn’t possible without use of a device like this.

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