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Tesla hits 7000 cars in seven days

by on05 July 2018

Ford trolls with 7K cars in 4 hours

Elon Musk is very proud that after spending billons and missing every single projection he ever made, Tesla has finally managed to make 7000 cars in seven days. Ford’s CEO Steven Armstrong is trolling that it can make 7000 cars in four hours.

Tesla definitely speeded up the electric revolution and awareness and has smoked our big guys with its plans but even today in mid-2018, Tesla is struggling with manufacturing and keeping its own promises. Here at Fudzilla we compared this strategy with a 10,000-meter run pacemaker. They serve their purpose to get better scores and push the other players to work harder, but they traditionally lose its power before the finish and never win. 

Now Elon has got to 7000 cars in seven days, so roughly 1000 a day - and needless to say most of these cars are the less expensive Model 3. The issue with model 3 is the price, as the car is much more expensive than the promised $35,000. Around $ 50,000 needs to be spent in order to buy an affordable Tesla car with a Tablet instead of car interior. The $35,000 USD car will,, according to Elon, start delivering in early 2019, so definitely later than that.

Things are slightly looking up

The company which is firing nine percent of its workforce in order to increase profits is at least getting on track with struggling Tesla 3 deliveries for some customers. This is not unusual for companies which still run on investors' money and these guys like to see some return.

Europeans, as Fudzilla said earlier, won’t see the car before some point in 2019 and right hand drivers even later than that.

Electric cars are still struggling with high price and short range, but give it a few years, things will start looking up for all electric cars. For most manufacturers, you can expect to see more electric cars in 2020 matched with the deployment of 5G, as well as some sort of ADAS - most likely advanced Level 3 for mainstream and Level 4 for the high end cars. All we want to point out is don't dismiss the power of traditional automotive Tier 1 manufacturers as they are well aware what will matter in the years to come. 

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