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Henry Kissinger warns of AI disaster

by on04 March 2019

It will do to humans what he did to Cambodia

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger trotted out his views about the dangers of artificial intelligence at an MIT conference last week.

The comments mirrored early worries that Kissinger trottled out in an op-ed for The Atlantic on why the US government should “consider a presidential commission of eminent thinkers to help develop a national vision” on AI — with an ominous warning on the technology’s dangers.

“AI, by mastering certain competencies more rapidly and definitively than humans, could over time diminish human competence and the human condition itself as it turns it into data. Philosophically, intellectually — in every way — human society is unprepared for the rise of artificial intelligence.”

This time he warned that AI makes it technically possible, easier, to control your population. However, it appeared that Kissinger’s views were not accepted by the assembled throngs at MIT. Students were outside protesting about his presence.

“We know Kissinger is a war criminal. What does that mean to include people of such background when discussing the future of AI?” said one student.

“MIT invited him and treated him as a luminary, somebody to be celebrated, admired and looked up — that’s just ridiculous”, said Alonso Espinosa Dominguez, an MIT junior studying mathematics.

 “The issue with Schwarzman, his private equity firm, spent millions of dollars profited off terrible conditions in homes. It’s ridiculous that $350 million (was given) by this individual to MIT … what if the money were used to build housing for people screwed over by his firm?”

The college says it will create 50 new faculty positions and come close to doubling its current AI and computing offerings.

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