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Stop calling it AI says AI expert

by on02 April 2021

It is just pattern learning at the moment

A top AI boffin has had a gutsful of people calling everything AI when the technology is nowhere near being intelligence yet.

Michael Jordan, a leading researcher in AI and machine learning at Berkeley said that artificial intelligence systems are nowhere near advanced enough to replace humans in many tasks involving reasoning, real-world knowledge, and social interaction.

He said that the best they can do is show human level competence in low level pattern recognition skills, but at the cognitive level, they are merely imitating human intelligence, not engaging deeply and creatively.

Jordan said the imitation of human thinking was not the sole goal of machine learning, the engineering field that underlies recent progress in AI, or even the best goal. Instead, machine learning can serve to augment human intelligence via painstaking analysis of large data sets in much the way that a search engine augments human knowledge by organising the Web. Machine learning can also provide new services to humans in health care, commerce, and transportation by bringing together information found in multiple data sets, finding patterns, and proposing new courses of action.

"People are getting confused about the meaning of AI in discussions of technology trends -- that there is some kind of intelligent thought in computers that is responsible for the progress and which is competing with humans", he said.

"We don't have that, but people are talking as if we do."


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