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Anti-iPad terrorists strike university

by on25 January 2013

Daft plan hit by spam

A cunning plan by Apple fanboys in the University of Western Sydney to prop up the out of fashion Apple brand backfired.

The University decided to drain its budget and waste a fortune giving its staff and new students more than 13,000 overpriced iPads. One techie minded student was furious that the university would waste $35 million on technology toys and launched a spam attack on the University networks.

After all you can buy a lot of perfectly good tablets if you do not choose those which have an Apple logo on it. A member of the UWS Student Representative Council said the accounts had been spammed in protest against the university's free iPad programme.

One message said that the attack was the result of pent up frustration at a university which spits in the face of students and staff with no recourse.

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