Amazon and Apple investigated by German watchdogs
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Amazon and Apple face German antitrust scrutiny  over a policy that excludes independent sellers of brand products on the online market place.

Apple wants to invent something called a search engine
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Look out, Google!

Fruity cargo cult Apple has had enough of inventing rounded rectangles and clocks that can't tell the time... now it wants to come up with something called a search engine which it says will help Apple fanboys find information online.

Apple under antitrust pressure from French firms
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Advertisers up in arms

The French competition bureau has received complaints from publishers and advertising firms alleging that Apple is busting their collective asses.

App developers starting to rebel against Apple
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The peasants are revolting

App developers are defying Apple in record numbers, according to a new coalition of companies aimed at breaking the iPhone maker's tight grip over its mobile software and the way it governs the App Store.

Old Apple and Google deal sets the watchdogs barking
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Prime example of antitrust

Apple's agreement to feature Google as the preselected search engine for iPhones, saying America's Justice Department views it as a prime example of what prosecutors say are Google's illegal tactics to protect its monopoly and choke off competition.

Apple’s late adoption of 5G does not mean much
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Challenges remain says IDTechEx

Fruity cargo cult Apple’s late integration of 5G into all four newly announced iPhones does not mean that the tech is suddenly going to get popular according to IDTechEx.

Apple has throttled away any Android advantage
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Benchmarks show power supply issues covered

While the Tame Apple Press is creaming itself over the new iPhones, it appears that the new gear is getting its clock cleaned by Android phones.

Apple deals with Google’s Project Zero by hiring key hacker
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One way to make a problem go away

Apple has poached a key member of Google’s Project Zero, a hacking team at Google that has found dozens of critical vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS and other Apple software.

Apple finally gives fanboys 5G
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Wednesday, 14 October 2020 11:33

Apple finally gives fanboys 5G


More than a year behind everyone else in the phone industry, the fruity cargo cult Apple has finally invented 5G and installed it in its phones.

Apple’s T2 security chip has an unfixable bug
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Shedloads of threats

While Apple’s T2 security chip appears mostly to help Jobs’ Mob control its Walled Garden of delights, it apparently is not very good at security.