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Google secretly buys hardware startup

by on22 April 2010


Looking at servers

Google has
bought a hardware startup called AgniLux as part of its cunning plan to build an energy-efficient server AgniLux was started by members of the P.A. Semi team who jumped ship shortly after bought the company in 2008.

The dark satanic rumour mill suggests that Google might start making its own server processors in-house. Other speculation suggests that the search engine outfit might be looking to compete outright with Apple by making an A4-killer and jacking it under the bonnet of a tablet. Both rumours are based on the obsession that the US tech industry has with Apple and fail to take into account the outfit does not actually matter to anyone who does not listen to Coldplay.

Google has made it clear that it is interested in ARM-based products for server parts. It seems that the most likely bet is that Google bought the outfit to help with porting Google platforms like its Chrome and Android operating systems onto other devices—like tablets, or possibly even television set-top boxes.
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