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Apple voids warranty for smokers

by on23 November 2009


You have to have a healthy lifestyle

hardware maker Apple is convinced it has the power to change its users' lifestyle. The fruit themed toymaker is refusing to mend the computers of those who Steve Jobs does not think are healthy enough. Apparently you no longer have to be a smug git to own Apple gear you are not allowed to smoke either.

According to the Consumerist magazine a Mac user claims that Apple voided her warranty and refused to repair her machine because it was "contaminated" with cigarette smoke.The same thing happened last year when another user hit the headlines when cultists from the Apple religion refused to service a system due to the "health risks of secondhand smoke." There are probably more, we only hear about it when they complain by way of a magazine.

Initially an Apple service center agreed to repair a machine before telling the owner repairs were not possible because the system contained some sort of smoke residue. Smoking "contaminates a machine" and voids the warranty, the people were told.

The Applecare warranty says nothing about not honoring warranties if the owner is a smoker. Nor does it mention of either second-hand smoke or biohazards. True it mentions that the plan does not cover "damage to the covered equipment caused by...extreme environment." But given that Apples are the PC of choice by US journalists it is hard to see how Jobs' Mob can claim that smoking creates an extreme environment.

Apparently Jobs' own office claimed that nicotine is on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's list of hazardous substances and Apple would not require an employee to repair anything deemed hazardous to their health. It is fairly clear that Jobs Mob no longer what their trademark image of clean-living smugness to be tainted by someone with a 40-a-day habit. Of course it will still sell computers to smelly, hacking people, but it will not service their computers.

Last modified on 23 November 2009
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