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Zuck slams Apple's pricey face gadget

by on15 February 2024

The emperor has no clothes

Apple's Vision Pro is getting a lot of stick now that it can be stuck to faces and now Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg has joined in.

To be fair, Zuck has more to lose than anyone else if Apple does to headsets what the iPhone did to phones, but in this case, he makes a point.

In a video, Zuckerberg gives his official verdict on the Vision Pro versus his firm's latest Quest 3 headset. As you would expect he thinks the Quest 3 is a better deal, but said he was shocked that it was a better product – even if it is a fraction of the price.

While being filmed by the Quest 3's video passthrough system in his lounge, Zuckerberg points out the tradeoffs Apple made to get the flashiest display possible into something that can fit on your head without looking daft.

He says the Quest 3 weighs 120 grams less, making it more comfy to wear for longer. He also says it lets you move more because it doesn't have a wired battery pack and has a wider view than the Vision Pro.

He reckons the Quest's option of physical hand controllers and hand tracking for input is better, though he says he likes eye tracking for some things and hints that it will come back to future Meta headsets after showing up in the Quest Pro.

He says the Quest has a better "immersive" content library than Apple, which is true for now, though he admits that the Vision Pro is a better toy. And then there's the fact that the Quest 3 is, as Zuck says, "like seven times cheaper."


Last modified on 15 February 2024
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