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Tim Cook thinks people use smartphones too much

by on20 November 2023

They wear out you know

Popular beat combo singer Dua Lipa had a “revealing” interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook in which he revealed that he thought that people were using their smartphones too much.

The singer asked Cook about the excessive use of smartphones, especially among younger people. Cook agreed that people need to be more moderate with smartphone use, which is why Apple created the Screen Time feature.

“The aha moment for me was how many notifications I was getting in a day,” he said.

He assured Dua Lipa that children were not mining cobalt in Congo when she asked “I was wondering is, my new iPhone 15… can you guarantee that the cobalt in that phone has not been mined using child labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo?”

Cook claimed Apple was more involved in the practice of using recycled materials for their devices, so new mining is needed less.

Then he added: “But for those products that we still do mine, for some of our other products, we have an intense level of tracing in our supply chain back to the mine and the smelter to make sure that the labour used is not child labour”.

We are not sure if it answers the complete question. Apple's cobalt might be mined in Congo, just not using child labour, or Job’s Mob might not be aware of it.  Apple was named in a report as late as April 2022 as obtaining cobalt from Congo which may have used child labour.


Last modified on 20 November 2023
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