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Russian hackers trying to bring down Starlink

by on15 August 2023

Ukraine counter-intelligence claims

Russian hackers are flat-out trying to come up with a way to bring down Elon [Musk] Musk's Starlink satellites, Ukraine's counter-intelligence agency has claimed.

The Ukrainian military has been using the tech to communicate across the battlefield and it has become a target for Russia's Intelligence Service, which is trying to upload the satellites with malware.

The report comes from Ukraine's State Security Service so it is only marginally more reliable than a Russian press release, but it is possible.  

There are several thousands of satellites flying over Ukraine, and a member of the top security team dealing with the issue told NPR News that they were not too bothered about the attempts by Russia to take some of them down.

Illia Vitiuk, the head of the Cybersecurity Department of Ukraine's Security Service said: “We saw that there were attempts to penetrate these systems.

“Our enemy is extremely focused on getting insight into these systems. They planned these operations for a long time, and there were some hacker groups that moved closer to the front lines. This was very interesting malware ... it gave them the possibility to get the configurations of Starlink, so in the end, they could understand the location.”

However, the Ukrainians think the Russians were out of their depth as there were so many Starlink satellites and there were alternatives.

Musk has not commented on the news of Russia trying to hack its technology.  He was a little angry after Ukraine failed to follow his peace plan to end the war. The plan appeared to have been given to him by that nice Mr Putin which would mean Ukraine surrendering sovereignty over all the land Russia had captured, not joining NATO, and allowing the Russians to come back and take the rest of the country when they had a breather.

However,  After failing to cut off Starlink close to the front, Musk ended up being branded a war criminal by the Russians and now seems to have lost interest in foreign policy.  


Last modified on 16 August 2023
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