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Apple fangirl shot dead after tracking her stolen car

by on26 June 2023

Apparently she thought the car thieves would immediately surrender to her superior technology

Four men were arrested in the shooting death of a 61-year-old Bakersfield woman who died after police said she confronted suspects who she thought had stolen her car.

Victoria Anne Marie Hampton tracked her car using an Apple Air Tag and rather than telling the police where the car was, she decided it was a much better idea to take the crooks on herself.  After all, she had found them using superior technology and they would immediately surrender, right?

The coroner reported she was shot at 6:32 pm using technology which always trumps the use of Apple gear, despite what the advertising says. Two of the four suspects were 19 years old, one was 18, and one was 23.

This is the second case of where Apple tags being used to track stolen cars has lead to people being killed. In San Antonio and his mates opened fire on a guy they found sitting in their stolen truck which they had tracked using a hidden Apple tag. They did not call the police and open fire through the truck's closed window.  He was not expected to face charges because he believed he thought he saw the man pull a gun on him.   


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