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Apple fanboy used AirTag to hunt and kill a person he believed was car thief

by on31 March 2023

In Texas of course

An Apple fanboy who tagged his “truck” with an AirTag used the device to track down a car thief and execute him.

San Antonio police officer Nick Soliz told the telly people at KSAT that the man and two of his mates tracked the stolen truck to a shopping centre parking lot.

Instead of calling the cops, they claimed they tried to “confront” the person they found sitting in the truck.

The Apple fanboy claimed he saw the person in his truck pull out a gun and responded by firing his gun. A picture of the scene shows that the Apple fanboy must have fired through a closed window which would have limited the chance of any conversation before any shots were fired.

The San Antonio Police Department has not publicly said if the man in the truck had a firearm with him. Police believe the shooter’s family called the police when tracking the vehicle, but did not wait for help to arrive when they found the truck.

Soliz said. “ ... it’s never safe to take matters into your own hands as you can see ... by this incident.”

Apple’s AirTags are controversial tracking devices which have been used by stalkers, and over protective parents to keep tabs on their kids.


Last modified on 31 March 2023
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