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Musk’s mum begs him not to fight Zuckerberg

by on23 June 2023

He is not worth it Elon

Elon [look at me] Musk’s mum is asking the interwebs not to encourage her boy to have a cage fight with Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg.

"Don't encourage this match!" Maye Musk tweeted at podcaster and AI researcher Lex Fridman on Thursday, adding two angry-face emojis to her post.

Fridman had suggested he'd be "all for" a Musk vs. Zuck jiu-jitsu match. Elon Musk gamely responded to Fridman, writing: "Let's go full MMA."

But Maye has been spending the last day trying to prevent the throwdown from happening, probably because she knows her boy is going to get hurt.

" I cancelled the fight. I haven't told them yet. But I will continue to say the fight is cancelled, just in case," she tweeted.

She also tweeted at her son on Friday, asking him to knock it off after he proposed the fight take place at the UFC's Octagon in Vegas.

"Fight with words only. In armchairs. Four feet apart. The funniest person wins," she wrote. Admittedly, being funny would be a challenge for either of them.

The betting odds for the fight are rolling in, and some Twitter users have taken it upon themselves to make posters for fight night. Musk seems pretty fired up, though he'll be up against a younger, fitter Zuckerberg who's had training in mixed martial arts for over a year and even won a few awards for it.

Our money would be on Zuckerberg, although we would like to see a solution where they both accidentally kill each other.


Last modified on 23 June 2023
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