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Apple’s ignored 'Find My iPhone' glitch could lead to deaths

by on06 April 2023

Texas man fears he could be shot any day

 A Texas man has begged Apple to pull finger and fix a glitch in their 'Find My iPhone' app before a patriotic fellow American uses their constitutional rights to execute him for stealing their expensive gear.

A glitch in the system sends people to Scott Schuster’s home to demand he hands over their missing devices and some of them would rather believe Apple than accept that he is not a thief and are not exactly polite.

Scott Schuster moved into the house in Richmond, a suburb of south western Houston, in 2018. He said people began arriving on his doorstep immediately, day and night, asking for their missing phones and air pods back.

'I have to wake up and go answer the door and tell people I don't have their device,' he told ABC 13.

Schuster said people have turned up at all hours of the day and night, and he worries for the safety of his family

Schuster, who works as a software engineer, said that he has reported the problem to Apple multiple times, in multiple ways, but they ignored him.

He says at least 12 have turned up on his door, and he fears for the safety of his children, aged seven and nine.

'There's plenty of irrational people in the world. And if they're angry, if they're drunk if they have had a rough night - that's my biggest concern,' said Schuster.

He said that since it was Texas the potential for someone coming to his house with a weapon was fairly high.


Last modified on 06 April 2023
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