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Microsoft releases Windows Holographic 22H2

by on17 November 2022

Because reality is so dull

Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows Holographic version 22H2 which will run its mixed reality devices such as HoloLens 2.

While there does not appear to be much under the bonnet to get anyone excited, it will mean that it will be possible to skip several screens in the out-of-the-box experience (OOBE) process to onboard users faster.

There is also a captive portal that allows faster sign-in for new users, and you won't be required to find an existing logged-in user for the process to take place.

It can clean up storage to store logs while remotely troubleshooting and the ability to connect to an NTP Time Server and disable NCSI passive polling. 


Last modified on 17 November 2022
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