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Musk follows Liz Truss's economic policy for Twitter

by on11 November 2022

Warns that bankrupcy is a possibility 

Self-proclaimed business genius Elon [look at me] Musk is finding running Twitter a lot more difficult than he thought and is warning that he might have to shut it down.

After less than a month in charge, Musk has fired half his staff, rehired some of them back, come up with new ideas, rejected them, and now is sitting in a pile of toys crying that they are all broken. People in the UK will recognise this as the Liz Truss style of economic management which managed to even eclipse the oven-ready Brexit disaster of her predecessor.  

Musk, who the English comic Frankie Boyle once said "looks like he has been sculptured from ham"  told employees that the company could lose billions of dollars next year, depending on the severity of the economic downturn. He even went as far as saying that the company could face bankruptcy if it doesn’t find a way to make money soon.

Lately, he has taken to asking people who criticise the dual-verification checkmarks that were being trialled for $8.  That scheme swiftly backfired with the Internet showing that Musk's verification system was about as reliable as a Lada with no engine.

Now Twitter is awash with accounts pretending to be brands, celebrities and politicians. One verified account, purporting to be former US president George W Bush, tweeted: "I miss killing Iraqis". Another account, this one claiming to be ex-PM Tony Blair, quote tweeted the fake Bush account saying: "Same tbh".

Another account claiming to be Nintendo posted a picture of Super Mario making an offensive gesture, while another purporting to be OJ Simpson tweeted: "Ya I'm ngl I did that s***".

While Musk might want to kill the fake accounts, according to him it is really likely that it needs the revenue. Musk chased away advertisers and celebrities by promising that Twitter could be a place where those who are still mourning giving women and ethnic minorities the vote, can speak whatever mantras of hate echo in their defective craniums 

Musk told employees to prepare for difficult times ahead and that remote work was now being banned at the company. The idea is that if workers go home they will not work through the night to solve Musks problems for him or at least find time to find other work.


Last modified on 11 November 2022
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