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New iPhone is dangerous

by on16 September 2022

Dorset Echo
goes a little bonkers

The fruity cargo cult Apple has been able to get away with murder over the years thanks to its religiously inspired fanboys. Now it seems Apple has felt the need to test their faith by releasing an iPhone is dangerous – at least according to the Dorset Echo.

Under the headline Apple iPhone users warned device could become 'dangerous' the Dorset Echo strayed from its normal warnings about barns being burgled and informing readers about Weatherspoons opening hours during after the Queen’s death, to warn about the perils of owning a new iPhone.

It said the rate at which Apple brings out new versions of its devices and technology means it can be hard to keep up with the latest model, but it can also mean older models can become obsolete after a number of years.

“Although missing out on new features might not sounds like such a bad thing, it also means your device will miss out on important security updates.”

It warned, as we have done, that the iOS 16 update rolled out on Monday, 12 September did not have the latest security features.  What it assumed is that the new iOS was ‘dangerous’ in the same way that the Apple SE with its "incredible catch fire" feature was dangerous.  

Then, after delivering this bombshell to its readers, the Echo then rambles on about how the iPhone changed the world and Apple had the highest market share of any phone manufacturer in the last quarter of 2021. In otherwords buy it even though we think it is dangerous.

So it is a bit like writing an article claiming that it is dangerous to stick your head in a combine harvester which we imagine would be a Dorset Echo exclusive and then saying “People who have stuck their head in a combine harvester are very successful.”


Last modified on 16 September 2022
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