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Moderna CEO says COVID-19 vaccines are like iPhones

by on12 August 2022

Ten reasons why Moderna's CEO is wrong 

Moderna's CEO made a bit of a mistake when he compared COVID-19 vaccines to iPhones.

Stéphane Bancel told CNN Business that he predicts the world will see a once-a-year vaccine in the coming years that protects against strains of COVID-19, the flu, or any other prevalent viruses — all in one shot.

He compared the potential new shot to an iPhone, noting how a lot of consumers opt to buy a new smartphone every September with "new apps."

We don't think he thought his analogy through very well. There are many reasons you do not want a vaccine identified with Apple's iPhone.

1. A vaccine exists to make people better, its function is not to make a company richer.

2. A vaccine is supposed to kill a virius not come out in similar formats but just with different designs.

3. New vaccines should provide new benefits and not just be about marketing old ideas.

4. A vaccine should not depend on fanboys annoying other people to take the vaccine.

5. A vaccine is not improved by a notch.

6. A vaccine is tested on people, not launched in front of a bunch of squealling fanboys who would take it even if they were healthy.

7. The Italian government has not ordered you to buy an iPhone if you are over 50.

8. A vaccine needs to work with other drugs, you should not need to pay the vaccine maker 30 per cent for every additional drug you take,

9. Vaccines should not catch fire.

10. A vaccine is an original product and is not made by taking a bunch of other people's ideas, mixing them in another country and pretending to have invented them.

We are sure there are other reasons, maybe you would like to put them in the comments box. 


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