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Apple workers want to join a union

by on21 April 2022

Apparently, it is because they love their company so much -- a love about to be tested

Workers in Atlanta, Georgia, have become the first US Apple Store staff to file an official request to hold a union vote with America's National Labor Relations Board.

Apple Genius and Communications Workers of America (CWA) organiser Derrick Bowle said: “A number of us have been here for many years, and we don't think you stick at a place unless you love it.”

"Apple is a profoundly positive place to work, but we know that the company can better live up to their ideals and so we're excited to be joining together with our coworkers to bring Apple to the negotiating table and make this an even better place to work."

Given Apple’s past response to unionisation, we suspect that Bowle and his chums are about to find out that the company they “love” is probably not going to be happy with them. For some reason, big US corporates, while claiming to love their staff, tend to get a bit twitchy about unions.

The CWA filed the petition for formal union recognition on Wednesday after a months-long campaign to secure the support of Apple Store staff in the Cumberland Mall, Atlanta. Over 70 per cent of the 107 eligible workers – made up salespeople, technicians, and operation specialists working at the iGiant's outlet in the mall – have signed authorisation cards, we're told by people familiar with the matter.


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