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Stalkers make a mockery of Apple security

by on04 February 2022

By daring to void the warranty

Apple fanboys who want to use Apple’s AirTags to stalk victims have been evading Jobs’ Mob security by voiding their warranty on the tech.

Apparently, Apple did not believe that its fanboys were so desperate to get a date with the person they were obsessed with they would not go as far as “voiding the warranty” for Apple goods.

Apple included several safety features that will alert someone to the presence of a nearby AirTag that's not their own, including an audible beep.  However, it turned out that people who obsess about other people are not adverse to opening the AirTags and disabling the speaker.

Now it seems that Etsy sellers have caught onto it and are flogging Apple Air tags with the speaker physically disabled.

The product has always been ripe for abuse, but we guess it makes Job’s Mob rather too much money to be abandoned. Initially, Apple allowed its Air Tags only to be identified by iPhone users, which allowed Apple fanboys to stalk Android users. Then it changed its mind and wrote a new Tracker Detect app that allowed Android users to more easily spot the devices.

And the timeframe for when the trackers would start beeping after being away from its registered owner was shortened to a "random time inside a window that lasts between 8 and 24 hours."


Last modified on 04 February 2022
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