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Wikipedia editors are gods Richard Dawkins discovers

by on01 November 2021

They tell you what to believe

Fundamentalist atheist Richard Dawkins has discovered that Wackypedia editors are the true gods of the internet and that he is but a worthless sinner.

Dawkins has been telling the story of his run in with Wackypedia’s legendary editorial team. For those who came in late, Wikipedia’s editors are a perfectly ordinary bunch of fake penis experts, who tout fake doctorates and spend their life deciding that people who do the real work in the world do not exist. People such as the Everywhere Girl, Mike Magee and Fudzilla.

Dawkins saw an error on his page which claimed he had founded the Episteme Journal. Since he had not edited the Journal he corrected the page in the spirit of all things open saucy.  He was contacted by a Wackypedia editor who called himself “Alienus” who was clearly overwhelmed by the fact he had Richard Dawkins in his power and was going to show him what a god was really like.

Alienus demanded Dawkins provide citations that he didn’t found the Episteme Journal. In other words prove a negative. Obviously no one can provide proof that they didn’t do something because no one would have written about it. This is the sort of thing that Wackypedia editors love to do. After all it is better that a post be inaccurate based on a citation on a toilet wall rather than be corrected by someone who was there and knows what they were talking about. 

Dawkins was flabbergasted: "It is unreasonable to ask for a positive citation to demonstrate that I did NOT found a journal called Episteme. I am telling you that I never founded a journal called Episteme. I didn't even know that a journal called Episteme existed."

It is not clear at what point Alienus backed down because the sentence was eventually removed permanently which is more than can be said for Fudzilla which was deemed by the Wikipedia editorial team to officially not exist. So Dawkins knows what you have just been reading. 

Last modified on 01 November 2021
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