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Apple mulls fleeing Silicon Valley

by on06 July 2021

Crew to man the spaceship too pricey 

Amid staff pushback over its plans to force a return to in-person work in autumn, Jobs' Mob is considering pulling out of Silicon Valley and look for cheaper staff elsewhere.

According to the Power On newsletter, Apple has faced a variety of problems recruiting and retaining talent because of its emphasis on Silicon Valley.

Gurman writes that Apple has been "losing talent" because of the high cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Many engineers lamented that they couldn't balance living expenses with other pursuits like college tuition for their children and long-term savings", Power On says.

Apple has struggled to diversify its workforce because of its focus on Silicon Valley. It competes with a variety of companies for talent, including Amazon, Google, and Netflix.

The cost of operations is high, and  Power On reports that "Apple could get the same work out of employees demanding far lower salaries in less pricey regions".   Everyone knows that Apple likes to do things on the cheap and then charge over the odds for the result.

Jobs' Mob is currently engaged in a costly expansion from the sunny coasts of LA and San Diego to the Pacific Northwest of Oregon and Washington, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Iowa's Midwest, the Eastern Seaboard of Massachusetts, Miami and New York.

It's spending $2 billion on building new campuses in Austin, Texas, and North Carolina. That's in addition to hiring engineers in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Spain and the UK. Altogether, the moves will add tens of thousands of jobs outside of Silicon Valley.

Last modified on 06 July 2021
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