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2021 will be the year of Linux on the desktop

by on07 December 2020

No, really? We have never heard that before

Open source advocate Jack Wallen predicts 2021 will be a year where open source technology dominates the world of big data even more than 2021, with a big role predicted for SUSE.

Writing in Techrepublic, Wallen thinks that businesses will cut costs by switching to open source solutions — including a big move to Linux on enterprise desktops, thanks to enterprise-ready options now available from System76, Lenovo, and Dell.

He said that this will have the added benefit of even more companies jumping into the mix and offering more and more desktops and laptops, all powered by Linux and open source technology.

Wallen predicts that System76 will finally gain the recognition it has deserved for so many years. Linux on the desktop would not be where it is today, had it not been for their stalwart support for open source technology. Year after year, System76 has proved that high quality, business-class systems, powered by Linux, can be produced at a level befitting the enterprise, he wrote.

That success within the realm of business will start trickling down to consumers. As more and more people start using Linux at their place of business, they'll begin seeing the benefits of the open source operating system and desire to adopt it for their home computers.

“I suspect that by the end of 2021, we'll see Linux desktop market share to finally break the 10 percent bubble. It may not sound like much, but given how Linux has hovered around two percent and maxed out at five percent that a 10 per cent figure is like a dream come true”, Wallen wrote.

Linux will max out at around 10 pe cent by the end of the year, it will lead to continued growth over the coming years, he claimed.

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