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AMD has Ryzen chip shortage problems

by on06 August 2020

Demand is out stripping supply

It would appear that demand for notebooks with AMD Ryzen processors is far higher than AMD and its partners predicted. 

A reddit post by a Schenker (German computer manufacturer) employee about Ryzen 4800H shortages, Heinz Heise hacks and hackettes found that the shortage apparently affects all Ryzen 4000 mobile APUs.

AMD said it is not its fault as this is an industry-wide problem. Apparently, a large part of TSMC production capacity is needed for production of the APUs of future PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, and cannot be used to compensate for increased Ryzen 4000 demand.

One of the problems of relying on one big supplier and not having your own fabs any more. Maybe it should be on the blower to its old chum Globalfoundaries. Two weeks ago it was announced that Samsung is looking to invest into GloFo in an effort to gain a better foothold in the western semiconductor market. 

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