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Hand over your liberals Google

by on12 December 2018

Republican congressman channels McCarthy

Republican. Steve King (R-Iowa) has demanded that Google CEO Sundar Pichai hand over the names of staff who work on the search engine’s algorithm so that he can be sure that they are not liberals.

We guess he wants to search the personal data of such staff to confirm that there are none of those nasty liberals who seek to destroy America from within and search their social media to see that they have accepted Jesus into their lives and are patriots.

King is convinced that Google is a haven for Liberals who have been tinkering with the search engine to make Conservatives look like racist, misogynistic, bible bashing, neo-nazis, who hate poor people.

His answer is to root out all these liberals and publish the names of the 1,000 employees we assume so that they can be visited in their homes by right-minded people who will show them the error of their ways. The fact that the right-minded people might be wearing white robes, and carrying burning crossess is all part of the courtesy which need to be extended to "liberals."  After all King is former KKK leader David Duke's pin-up and we are sure he will know exactly what to do with a list of Google's liberal employees.

“There is a very strong conviction on this side of the aisle that the algorithms are written with a bias against conservatives,” King said during a House Judiciary hearing.

“What we don’t know are who are these thousand people and we don’t know what their social media looks like.”

Pichai explained to King that Google employees do not select certain news outlets over others, rather the search engine is responsive to users and what they are clicking on.

King alleged a built in bias exists among Google employees because the county where Google’s headquarters is located is seen as reliably blue and overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

“We have at least theoretically a built in bias thats here, it’s not being examined and not examining the social media,” King said. “How would you expect that you can get to an objective result?”

Pichai denied that Google search is biased against conservatives and said the company does not monitor its employees’ social media and we guess neither should any company, or government.

Last modified on 12 December 2018
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