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Alibaba has 40 quantum cats

by on05 March 2018

China investigates potentially dead and alive moggies

Alibaba Cloud and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) built a superconducting quantum computing cloud powered by a quantum processor with 11 quantum bits (qubits) of power.

The big idea is that it will provide its users with the ability to run and test custom built quantum codes, and is a similar set up offered by IBM's cloud-based quantum computer that has since been expanded to 20 qubits.

Alibaba's Quantum Computing Cloud Platform is the second fastest right after Biggish Blue although none are as good as quantum computing pioneer D-Wave that claims to have built machines with 2,000 qubits of power.

Chief Quantum Technology Scientist at Alibaba Cloud, Dr. Shi Yaoun explained the company's decision to bring quantum computing services to the cloud: “By introducing quantum computing services on cloud, we make it easier for the teams to experiment with quantum applications in a real environment to better understand the property and performance of the hardware, as well as leading the way in developing quantum tools and software globally. The user experience offered on cloud will without doubt help us further enhance our platform.”

Alibaba Cloud has been working in the field of quantum computing for several years now and in July of 2015, the company and CAS established the first quantum computing laboratory in Asia. It created the world's first cloud-based quantum cryptography method.


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