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Project Scorpio will support FreeSync 2 and HDMI 2.1 VRR

by on12 April 2017

Important part of the puzzle

Last week, Microsoft shared lots of information regarding its Project Scorpio but it appears that it left out some rather important details, like the fact that it will support both FreeSync 2 and HDMI 2.1 VRR.

Revealed by Digital Foundry, support for AMD FreeSync 2 technology will allow Project Scorpio to support both HDR and support for low framerate compensation (LFC). These features will make Project Scorpio future-proof and bring support for the so-called Game Mode that will be a part of the HDMI 2.1 standard.

Back when it was announced, the HDMI 2.1 specification promised plenty of new features, including 4K 120Hz and 8K 60Hz support, dynamic HDR and, most importantly, variable refresh rate technology.


AMD has already revealed a lot of information about its FreeSync 2 technology, which will focus on HDR and promises to bring much lower HDR latency. Since the Project Scorpio is based on AMD's custom SoC, it does not come as a surprise that it will support FreeSync 2.

AMD FreeSync2 1

Even without FreeSync 2, the HDMI 2.1 VRR will allow Project Scorpio to use a variable framerate, which will provide much smoother gameplay, without stuttering or tearing.

Unfortunately, the information from Digital Foundry did not reveal any details regarding the price, precise release date or even the official name of Microsoft's Project Scorpio console, but 12GB of DDR5 RAM, eight custom AMD CPU cores and an AMD GPU with 40 compute units which deliver six TFLOPs of compute performance, certainly sound impressive.

Hopefully, we will hear more about it soon.


Last modified on 13 April 2017
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