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Apple fanboy tries to sleep with his iPhone

by on04 April 2017

And it nearly kills him

An Apple fanboy from Alabama is regretting his decision to take his iPhone to bed with him.

It seemed a fair enough move, after all the Tame Apple Press had told him that the phone was perfectly safe and only evil Korean phones which were unblessed by Steve Jobs' ghost ever caught fire. Besides it was a lot more attractive than what you normally can pick up in Alabama. 

However the guy, who sports the name Wiley Day and whose name is dangerously close to Wiley Coyote, should have been aware of the danger of close contact to technology, even if it did not come from Acme Communications.

Day took his iPhone to bed, as apparently, you do, and left it on charge via an extension cord as he slept. However as he rolled over in bed, the dog-tag necklace he was wearing accidentally connected with the exposed prongs of the charger head, which had loosened from the cord as he slept.

As a result he suffered a huge electric shock, the force of it causing second and third degree burns to his neck and hands.

“I just thought, that’s how you die,” 32-year-old Day said in a recent interview with local media.

Day said the severe shock jolted him out of his bed and onto the floor. He managed to end the agony by yanking the chain from his neck, but the burns he suffered required immediate medical attention.

According to the Washington Post: “Day’s shirt was singed, with a small hole burned out.” It described “strips of skin and flesh missing where the metal chain had scorched his neck,” adding that “the pattern of the necklace was burned into parts of his hands where he had gripped the chain to try to tear it off.”

Keen for others to avoid what he went through, Wiley Day urged other handset owners to “charge your phone away from you ... charge it the next day. It’s not worth your life.”

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