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Windows 10 use continues to grow

by on24 February 2017

But Windows 7 is still king

NetMarketShare’s monthly OS usage figures show that Windows 10 use is growing but it is still a long way behind the aging and insecure Windows 7.

Windows 10’s share went from 24.36 percent share to 25.30 percent globally which was a 0.94 percent gain. So, it is on a quarter of all systems and growing by nearly a percentage point is impressive too. This is important because Windows 10 is no longer free, so each of those increases means money is changing hands.

Windows 7 dropped 1.14 percentage points in January, but it still has 47.20 percent share. Even if this month’s statistics are repeated, which is unlikely, it will take a year before Windows 10 overtakes Windows 7.

The Creators Update, out in April, could help accelerate Windows 10’s growth but it is more likely that Windows 7 will stay on PCs until they die, which is becoming a much longer time frame.

The god-awful Windows 8.1’s share remained on 6.90 percent, while Windows 8 dropped just 0.04 percentage points. XP use grew by 0.1 percentage points, and still has 9.07 percent share.

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