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Google partners rushing into AI

by on06 January 2017

Because that is not a bubble waiting to burst

Google quickened the pace of its push into virtual and augmented reality this week as its hardware partners announced new devices using its tech.

Google wants smartphones running its Android operating system to be used for virtual and augmented reality. This is mostly based on the word of soothsayers who claim that the devices are ready to go mainstream after years of niche appeal.

Apparently, no-one learnt anything from 3D television, which was a pity because I like 3D telly.

Huawei has told CES that two of its phones will soon work with Daydream View, a VR headset released last year by Google. AsusTek’s ZenFone AR will support both Daydream and Google’s Tango software for AR.

So far, Google has not managed to get Samsung to sign up which is pretty important, but one of the biggest hurdles is that Google’s system for both AR and VR is still in the prototype phase.

However AR and VR are being mooted as a way to kickstart growth in the slowing global smartphone market.

There is still a lack of useful software and app developers have been slow to adopt the platform.

In addition to supporting Daydream, Huawei said that it is exploring opportunities for Tango with Google. The Asus phone became the first to support both technologies.

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