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Samsung might copy Apple’s dumb pricing

by on19 December 2016

S8 will be 20 per cent more

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that Samsung has decided to copy one of Apple’s more surreal features – is silly pricing.

It had been expected that Samsung would release the S8 at around the same price as the S7 which was a little cheaper than the iPhone 7.

But a Korean report quotes analysts at Goldman Sachs estimates that the Galaxy S8 will be 15-20 per cent more expensive.

The analysts say that it is not Samsung’s fault. There has been an increase in price of raw materials which means Samsung must hike the price of the phone up if they hope to maintain the same profit margins as before.

This is a bit of a problem for Samsung though. Investors will spit tacks at them if margins do not improve after the Note 7 fiasco, but if the price is too close to the iPhone 7 it might lose sales.

It is also possible that Apple has patented its outrageously silly price margin and if Samsung gets too close it will sue the company for copying it.  It is no sillier than suing it for "stealing" its rounded rectangle design.

Last modified on 19 December 2016
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