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Jane Fonda flogs Apple holy relics

by on02 September 2016

30 Jobs owned items for sale

Jane Fonda is kicking off a trade in religious relics based around the worship of the dead Apple prophet, Steve Jobs.

Auction site Julien’s Live, which goes with the tagline, “Auction house to the stars” has started peddling Jobs’ used clothes to those wealthy fanboys who think that wearing his clothes will give them good luck.

You’ll find more than 30 Jobs-owned items on the site, including a “Ralph Lauren green tartan shirt,” his “Christian Dior brown terrycloth bathrobe,” and the leather jacket he wore in that famous 1983 photo of him sticking one finger up at an IBM sign. Someone has already bid $4,000 for that jacket.

The clothes are being flogged off by Jane Fonda although it’s not clear how the actress got her paws on Steve Jobs’ clothes. It would be nice to think that it was some cheesy affair which required Steve to exit her apartment via the window leaving his clothes behind, but nothing Jobs ever did was that amusing.

It also must have happened a lot because there are rather a lot of clothes. Versace button-up shirts, NeXT-branded T-shirts for the computer company Jobs founded in 1985, and a set of four bow ties (current bid $100).

What is interesting is that there are no black turtlenecks, blue jeans, and white trainers. It must have been that he only wore that uniform for the fanboys and that was just another illusion.

There are also Steve Jobs’ keys and his portable Sony CD player - after all he would never use an iPod and his Seiko watch which is also much more useful than anything Jobs put out.

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