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Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage for £50 a year

by on25 August 2016

If you are in the UK

Amazon has just issues a new Unlimited Storage plan launches in the UK for a flat fee of £55 per year.

Free three-month trial available for eligible customers to try out unlimited online storage for photos, videos, movies, music, and other files

The service is being offered through and means customers no longer need to worry about storage limits. All files available for download at their original size and resolution.

The service appears to be pitched at those who have shedloads of photographs they want stored and feel that the main rivals don’t give them enough.

David Nenke, Director of Amazon Drive said that:

“Most people have a lifetime of photos from birthdays, holidays and everyday moments stored across numerous devices—and a lot of those people don’t know how many gigabytes they need to back all those memories up, or what it’s going to cost.”

The service is also available for movies, and music so it is theoretically possible to store a lot of porn there. Amazon said that it is an extension of its unlimited photo storage enjoyed by Prime members. Prime members can add the Unlimited Storage plan to their Amazon Drive accounts.

Amazon has set up a page explaining its cunning plan. 

Last modified on 25 August 2016
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