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Asustek raises prices in UK

by on21 July 2016

Blame Boris, Grove and Farage

UK Asustek customers will have to pay more for their hardware after the Brexit vote decimated the pound.

For those who came in late, a slim majority of British people were convinced by a trio of politicians who basically lied to them claiming that the UK would be better off if it left the EU. This included claims that all the money which was spent on the EU would end up funding the National Health Service, when they knew it wouldn’t. After the vote they denied they had ever said this despite some evidence that they had.

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Following the vote, the British economy tanked, as investors realised that whatever future the UK had it would never hold the role it had before. Dell and HP were the first to increase prices to UK customers and now it appears that Asustek has joined them. Acer still has not yet reached a final decision.

So now leaving the EU is currently resulting in a tax on the country of ten per cent on computer hardware. Some vendors believe that the strategy will impact notebook sales in the UK. Of course the Brits can’t get the computers any cheaper because if they go to France they will have pay the difference in the exchange rate between the Euro and the pound.

Still at least the British can say that they will be no longer controlled by unelected commissioners. Instead they will be controlled by an unelected Prime Minister Theresa May and be represented in the world by the Churchillian statesman Boris Johnson.

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