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UK coppers call on hackers

by on15 December 2015

We know what you are thinking

UK coppers have hit on a novel idea of scaring the bejesus out of hackers by popping around for a nice cup of tea and a chocky biscuit.

Apparently the bobbies have reasoned that young hackers tend to think they are immortal and are too clever to be caught. So the coppers are showing up on their doorstep to have a quiet word before it gets out of hand.

These visits will be paid to teen hackers who have yet to commit any crime. It follows an idea which was started in 2014. At the time there was a hacking service called Lizard Stresser that was used to attack companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Sony.

A few script kiddies signed up for the service and at it attracted the attention of the local police. The kids did not do anything, but having the police show up made them realise the error of their ways.

It sends a powerful message to the kids that they really are not immortal. If they are making mistakes now before they do anything, then they are going to get into hot water later on.

At the moment the police say it is too early to see if the scheme works but it is remarkably similar to a scheme hatched out by a friend of mine whose 10 year old was misbehaving. She carted him off to the local police station to show him where he would end up and the local sergeant obligingly locked him up for a couple of hours. Worked too. Nice kid, ended up as an area beat cop in Slough.

Last modified on 15 December 2015
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