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Too many staff have too many privileges
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Tuesday, 29 September 2020 11:29

Too many staff have too many privileges

Security experts say riff raff should not have access to all that sensitive data

More than 40 percent of staff in British and American corporations have access to sensitive data that they don't need to complete their jobs, according to recent research.

Network security is becoming a headache
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Tuesday, 01 September 2020 11:04

Network security is becoming a headache

New report from Juniper Networks

With all these remote connections, video streaming and budget constraints, network security is becoming a major headache for networking professionals, according to a study released by Juniper Networks.

Alexa, can you send all your recordings to hackers?
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Check Point makes charlies out of Amazon security

Israeli Security outfit Check Point have told Wired that Alexa's Web services had bugs that a hacker could have exploited to grab a target's entire voice history, meaning their recorded audio interactions with Alexa.

Home workers finally understand the concept of security
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Three quarters of them finally know the company's cyber security policy

New research from Trend Micro shows that nearly three quarters of remote workers say they are more conscious of their organisation’s cybersecurity policies since the lockdown began.

Consumers will flee poor security practices
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New research

New fresh from the oven  research from PCI Pal has has uncovered that a significant proportion of consumers will act with their feet and take their custom elsewhere, should their personal data be compromised by a business due to poor security practices amid the pandemic.

Babylon suffers security leak
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Thursday, 11 June 2020 09:59

Babylon suffers security leak

Persians invade again

Babylon Health has acknowledged that its GP video appointment app has suffered a data breach and gave users access to other patent's medical records.

Severe security problem detected in all IoT devices
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CallStranger needs patching 

A severe vulnerability in a core protocol found in almost all internet of things (IoT) devices allows and attackers to hijack smart devices for DDoS attacks and bypass security to reach and conduct scans on a victim's internal network .

Xiaomi stops its browsers phoning home
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Wednesday, 06 May 2020 12:58

Xiaomi stops its browsers phoning home

You can switch off aggregated data collection now

Xiaomi released software updates for its browser apps on Monday amid fresh accusations it's been collecting private data from people who use its phones and browser apps.

Apple's T2 security chip is killing off MacBook Pros early
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You can't save them

As predicted, the proprietary locking system Apple rolled out with its 2018 MacBook Pros is hurting independent repair stores, refurbishers, and electronics recyclers.

Linus is secure - it is its users who are not
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Most exploits are misconfigurations or poor administration

The rise in attacks on Linux in recent years is not due to its insecurity problems but more down to user error.