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Nvidia claims to give Supercomputing industry a boost

by on17 November 2015

Supercomputing boldly going beyond supercomputing

Nvidia's CEO Jen-Hsun Huang was boldly splitting infinitives which no man had split before when he claimed that thanks to Nvidia making Supercomputing boldly go beyond supercomputing.

Speaking at the start of the SC15 conference in Austin Texas. Huang's claimed that supercomputing was being accelerated by the adoption of Nvidia GPUs.

Huang said: "Supercomputing technology is in the process of extending well beyond supercomputing itself" which probably left most Texans scratching their heads and certainly creating a few logic problems.

If supercomputing extends beyond supercomputing, then how can it still be supercomputing and if it is not supercomputing then how could it have been supercomputing in the first place. You can almost hear the Texan brains popping.

Huang foresees the same GPU tech behind the latest growing trend in supercomputers, powering cloud computing, complex simulation and visualisation, to become integral to emerging growth industries like autonomous cars and personal robot assistants.

Nvidia's CEO claimed that the use of GPU accelerators in supercomputers in the top500 list is growing nearly 50 per cent annually. Nvidia owns better than two thirds of this market.

Huang said that behind the trend in GPU acceleration take-up is the slowing of Moore's law, the growing number of important HPC applications that are GPU accelerated and the price to performance benefits of adding GPU accelerators, claims Nvidia's.

Machine learning will increase demand for GPUs even further. Machine learning is "high performance computing's first killer app for consumers," Huang said.

Last modified on 17 November 2015
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