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Windows 10 Threshold 2 coming in November

by on22 October 2015

Most of the features beta tested

Microsoft has said a several times that the Windows 10 was a project that will never be finished. Now it seems the latest update codenamed as Threshold 2 will arrive on November 2.

Threshold was the codename for the Windows 10, and Threshold 2 implicates that there will be some big changes coming to consumers. This is a first major update that will fix some bugs and add new features that could not make it to the July Release To manufacturer, Windows 10.

The most obvious change is a new messaging application that comes preinstalled with the operating system. This app will allow you to chat with friends on Skype. SMS texting has found its way to Cortana and there will be some additional improvements to Cortana and its functionality.

Improvements to Microsoft Edge browsers will find their way to this update but the support for extensions is now slated to arrive next year so users will still be crippled by the browsers' tendency to download adverts, other page furniture and malware. Our one is now running slower than an asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping and needs ad-bloc plus like a brownshirt needs another season of Firefly.

Threshold 2 will bring some new customisation options such as extra column on Start meu and you will be able to enable colors title bars. We saw this feature as part of the Windows 10 insider preview 10565 and earlier. The Threshold 2 update might be known as 1511 as it is 2015 and it will launch in eleventh month of the year.

The update will happen on or after November 2 and we expect that the insider preview customers might see this one a bit earlier. We are happy that start menu ads won't find their place to this official update but this is a feature that we would expect to see in a less expensive version of Windows 10, once such a product becomes available.

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