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Google plans to save old Windows PCs from the bin

by on16 February 2024

Although it is not as good as it sounds

Google said it will let firms install ChromeOS Flex on their Windows devices, "saving millions of PCs from being dumped after Microsoft stops supporting Windows 10 next year."

The Chrome system will let users keep using their Windows 10 devices while giving them regular security updates and data encryption.

ChromeOS is much less popular than other systems. In January 2024, it had a 1.8 per cent share of the global desktop OS market, far behind Windows' share of about 73 per cent, according to data from research firm Statcounter.

ChromeOS has struggled to get more users because it doesn't work with old Windows apps and business tools. Google said that ChromeOS would let users stream old Windows and business apps, which will help get them to devices by running them on a data centre.

Effectively, this is the dumb terminal model, which is not that great and after a while, users will probably start wondering why they are hanging onto such ancient machines, and it is probably better to bite the bullet and buy a new one.


Last modified on 16 February 2024
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