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AMD will not support Windows 10 on next-gen Ryzen 8050/9000 PCs

by on13 May 2024

Not poweful enough

Lenovo China's manager with the Weibo name 思考未来啊 has warned that the next-gen Ryzen 8050/9000 PCs will not support Windows 10.

The comment slipped out while he or she was talking about AMD's Zen 5 IPC boost. It seems that AMD is throwing in its lot in with Windows 11 24H2, which makes sense given all the buzz around NPU and the AI chops of these bits, not to mention the next-gen Strix Halo that's rumoured to be a bit of a beast.

Word on the street is that AMD's next line-up of Zen 5 chips might pull off a 40 per cent IPC (instructions per cycle) leap. The scuttlebutt suggests AMD's clocking about a 40 per cent uptick in SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) tests, which recently gave Intel a ticking off for puffing up its benchmark scores. AMD's kept its nose clean of the finger-pointing, though.

Mr 思考未来啊 was a little surprised, as their own kit shows just a 10 per cent bump. This figure is based on the Cinebench R23 single-thread test digits.

According to Google Translate, the Lenovo China manager asked, "Where did you get the 40%? I saw that Zen5 increased by 10% compared with Zen4 IPC, while in the CR23 1T test, the increase was more than 10%. In addition, Win10 enthusiasts, please note that starting from Strix Point, AMD will not provide a Win10 driver."

It's a long shot that SPEC might clock a 40 per cent surge, and a a 10 per cent increase feels more on the level and a safer bet for various tasks, unless AMD's got some sort of magic trick up its sleeve.


Last modified on 14 May 2024
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