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Ipads are child abuse claims Dr House

by on23 September 2015

They will melt your p
recious little snowflake's brains 

Giving a child an iPad is child abuse a top psychologist with the bankable name of Dr Richard House.

In a report on Ubergizmo  Dr House says that giving a kid an iPad could be "considered a form of child abuse" as it gives them a "distorted experience of the world."

"To confuse children when they have hardly begun to get a handle on this world, by introducing them to virtual, techno-magical worlds, is surely an absurd reversal of the natural order of things."

We guess it also would teach them that it is vitally important to spend large amounts of cash on pointless technology.

He goes on to add, "If this is the case with adults, how much more is it relevant to young children whose brains are still at very early stages of development. It seems that the arrogance of modern technology (together with ruthless commercialism) knows no bounds. On the basis of what I've argued here, giving iPads to babies is tantamount to child abuse."

Dr House is not the only one who has argued against giving children Apple gear to play with.  Previously members of the UK's Association of Teachers and Lecturers have claimed that giving children as young as 3-4 years old tablets will result in them finding it hard to understand reality.  We think giving kids Apple tablets is fine, just so long as you give them hammers.

To be fair to Apple we don't actually believe that Dr House slammed its products by name. It is just another example of the Tame Apple Press trying to give Apple a free advert. Unfortunately no one told the hack that product placement must usually be positive to help their favourite toymaker.  So this story is a bit of an own goal.

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