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Huawei shows its Incredible Touch

by on27 August 2015

Beating Apple to the punch

Huawei has been teasing users with an image in its Weibo account showing its "Incredible Touch" tech.

The Tame Apple Press is already claiming the technology is similar to Force Touch which Steve Jobs invented soon after he came up with fire and the wheel.

Force Touch basically allows users to depress their fingers on the screen a bit harder, which will then pull up extra menus or perform certain features, thus allowing the phone to distinguish between a regular tap and a harder one.

So far Force Touch tech has only existed in the imaginations of Apple writers and has not been seen, or even demonstrated on Apple Products yet. Even if Steve Jobs did invent it, he has never got it working it is, as Genesis once sang, more of an Invisible Touch which takes control and slowly tears you apart.

Huawei is expected to announce new products at IFA 2015, but in the meantime the company has posted a teaser image on its Weibo account in which they tease a feature they are calling "Incredible Touch".

From what we can tell, it almost sounds like it could be a Force Touch-like feature that Huawei will be introducing to its handsets.

In fact it is also unclear if Huawei's Incredible Touch technology is the same. It does appear to be.

The picture caption reads when translated, "Can pressing be different?" This indicates that the company's upcoming smartphone can tell the difference between hard and light presses.

While Huawei has yet to confirm it, the feature is rumoured to make its way onto the new Huawei Mate S.

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Last modified on 27 August 2015
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