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Apple Music losing customers

by on19 August 2015

Jobs' Mob denies it

Apple Music is losing customers according to a survey of 5,000 US consumers.

The survey conducted by MusicWatch shows that Apple is failing to interest iOS users and that only 11 per cent of them have tried it. We presume it is mostly because they have not worked out how to switch it on.

However of that 11 percent, 48 percent have stopped using it already. It also said that 61 percent of trial users had turned off the auto-renewal option, so they don't have to pay for it when the free trial is over.

Apple was so cross about the survey it did something it never normally does – it commented. It claimed that 79 percent of people who signed up for Apple Music are still using it.

It would appear the survey had Cupertino a little rattled.

It was not all bad but it does show that Apple has a few problems making people aware of the product.

If only 77 of iOS users are even aware of Apple Music Jobs' Mob only needs to get the message out there. Although we are uncertain how much more the service could get. It has been marketed for free by the US tech press, and Taylor Swift for months.

Some of the Tame Apple Press are even trying to spin these figures claiming that the survey data suggests that Apple Music will have 3.4 million paying subscribers come the end of the trial, which would make it the third most popular paid streaming service below Spotify and Deezer.

Last modified on 19 August 2015
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