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Tame Apple Press admits that iPads faltering

by on15 May 2015

Flickering reality distortion field

The Tame Apple Press is starting to realise that all those years about the iPad being game changing were basically a lie peddling another hula hoop style fad.

Apple fanzine The Guardian nt  this morning had a crack at telling the bad news in a positive way. It said that while the Ipad sales were tanking at least the iPhone business was doing well and there were was even an increase in Mac computer business.

This covers up for Apple's lost of the iPod and iPad, both of which were nominally technology fads which dropped out of fashion.

"But with just under 400m [iPods] sold in total, it has done its job – making Apple both fashionable and profitable," thundered the Guardian.

It claimed that Apple will not be worried about the loss of its tablet business, after all its operating profits were up by 11 per cent and revenues rose by 12 per cent

"It has the next quarter to look forward to, with iPhone 6 sales in China, where they are expected to be hugely popular, and people buying iPads as gifts. More importantly, the 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus is expected to be popular in Asia and, if people buy those, they generate more revenue and profit for Apple than an iPad," the Guardian wrote

And that is where the Tame Apple Press fails – it ignores the facts to continue the spin. Apple's official line is that it can cover the iPad disaster by record sales in China, but the signs are that sales in China are dropping. This is because the Chinese do not have as much money as Americans, and also tend to be rather picky about the products they buy. The likelihood of Chinese buying an iPhone every year is unlikely – it is just as unlikely they will be suckered for the branding of US companies that long.

What the Guardian and its ilk fail to get is that by helping Apple with their free advertising they are propping up a company which would have failed a long time ago without them. Since before the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has been out of ideas. Tablets, watches and other technology might have been propped up by marketing spin, but really they are other people's failed projects.

Sandisk could not make MP3s into much. Nokia and Blackberry Smartphones were not that great.  Microsoft could not get tablets to work, and no one really has got watches to take off either.  Apple took projects that no one could get to work and tarted them up.  Then with its Tame Apple Press made it look like they had a chance.  In the short term they might of, but at the end of the day people were always going to wake up and say "what do I really need this for?"

Sure Apple makes money from it, but that is not a sign of any prowess, or that it is making anything any good, but rather that its glorious alliance with the mainstream press allows it to create fads.

Sure, you can say, don't knock it, it works. But it is a short term view. You can only tell people something is going to change their lives and then tell them three years later that it won't a couple of times before people wise up that they have been lied to.

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