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ASML will flog 15 EUV machines to mysterious "US customer"

by on23 April 2015

Yeah it is probably Intel

ASML, Europe's largest supplier to computer chip makers, will sell 15 of its extreme ultraviolet (EUV) chip etching systems to a "single U.S. customer" who is probably Intel.

The deal that could be worth more than $1 billion, unless the person who is probably Intel got a discount.  Did we mention that Intel was probably the buyer?

Intel is known to be looking for a state of the art lithography system. The deal would be good for both Chipzilla and would set ASML up for growth for years to come.

For those who came in late EUV uses focused energy beams to trace out the circuitry of semiconductors, making them smaller and faster than ever. They are not cheap and have a list price of $102 million each. We couldn't find any on ebay either.

The move will put pressure on other chip manufacturers, especially logic clients, to also consider bulking up orders for EUV.

ASML spokesman Niclas Mika said the first two systems would be delivered this year.

Intel is saying nothing of course. Most of the world's chip makers use ASML's machines, but Intel and TSMC are doing the most to bring the new machines into their manufacturing process.

TSMC has said it expects to have a machine in full-scale commercial use by the end of next year.

Intel holds 14.37 percent of ASML, while TSMC and Samsung Electronics also own smaller stakes.

ASML said last week it expected to ship six EUV systems this year. TSMC has confirmed it will take two. We are expecting that Samsung will be purchasing the final pair.

Last modified on 23 April 2015
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