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Pope's website gets the works

by on15 April 2015

And its nobody's business but the Turks

Nationalist hackers are trying to make the Pope suffer for pointing out that Turkey genocided Armenians soon after WW1.

The Turks have a complete blind-spot when it comes to the genocide of the Armenians and tend to get rather upset when people make films, or comments about it.

A Turkish hacker named @THTHerakles said that the Pope should apologise for his comments about the genocide because they were not true. Of course he could not say why they were not true, just because he was certain modern Turks would never massacre anyone becuase they were jolly nice.

He hit the pope's website and said he would continue to target it until the Pope said sorry to him and the Turkish people for mentioning the thing that never happened.

The hacker said that the Pope's comments were "unacceptable" for a respected religious figurehead.

"Taking sides and calling what happened with the Armenians genocide is not true. We want Pope [Francis] to apologise for his words or we will make sure the website remains offline.

The site was restored within a number of hours, however according to the apparent perpetrator the main server remained offline.

Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu argued that the statement was "out of touch with both historical facts and legal basis. Religious offices are not places through which hatred and animosity are fuelled by unfounded allegations."

Odd really we thought religious offices really were the place through which hatred and animosity are fuelled by unfounded allegations.  Still it is normally people protesting against the Vatican's defence of pedophile priests who take down the Pope's website. 

Last modified on 15 April 2015
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