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German outfit signs up for non-existent Apple car

by on05 March 2015

Hype now officially silly

The hype around Apple's nonexistent driverless car has reached a point where a German company has even offered to help Jobs' Mob build it. 

Chief Executive Elmar Degenhart said Germany's Continental AG would be interested in acting as partner for technology giant Apple should the U.S. company decide to build a car,.

"Apple has an excellent reputation on information and communication systems and has incredible financial strength," the CEO said on Thursday during an earnings call.

"We would be interested" in acting as partner if Apple decides to produce a vehicle, he said.

However Degenhart was skeptical on prospects for battery-powered cars, saying Continental's electric-car operations may fail to make money "at least in the next 3-4 years."

So in other words we would like to build a car for Apple, but we don't think it will make much dosh. We should point out that so far no one sensible has said that Apple is making a driverless car. It is all based on speculation which followed a case where Apple was sued by a battery company.


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