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iPhone 6 prototype flogged on eBay for $100,000

by on07 October 2014

So half price then

eBay is flogging iPhone 6 prototype for $100,000. The seller claims that they were accidently sent an iPhone 6 prototype when they renewed a contract with Verizon.

More than 172 people with even less money than sense than the usual Apple fanboys had bid on the phone. The phone does not seem to be running iOS 8, but then again the iPhone 6 has problems with that. Instead it is set in developer mode with internal Apple testing software.

A photo of the back of the device shows that there is no model number or FCC markings, and a photo of the bottom reveals that the lightning port is red, which the seller claims is a sure sign of a prototype. The seller claimed to have plugged the device into iTunes, and said it was recognised as an iPhone. But buyers are on their own when it comes to other functions, with the seller writing that he cannot guarantee that it will make calls or that the camera will work. So pretty much an iPhone 6.

No word if he got the device to bend.

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